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What is Bio Oil?

* Solution for scars, stretch marks ans skin spots

* Prevents skin ageing and dry skin

* Not oily, good abosrtion and doesn't stain

* Secure for daily use

Bio Oil is a skin care oil that helps to improve the scars, stretch marks and skin spots appearance. It's also efective for ageing and dry skin.

Its formulation is a combination of vegetal extracts and vitamines that are suspended on the innovative PureCellin Oil. The PureCellin Oil provides the product an unoily touch, granting that all the benefits from vitamines and vegetal extracts will be absorved for the skin. Among its components there is lavanda, rosemary and camomille oils and Vitamine A and E.

Bio Oil is tested following the European Parlament and Council Rules of Conformity Security for Cosmetic Products and it grants that the product is safe for daily use (including pregnant women).