Family Fresh Active+Family Fresh Active+9/29/2011 11:58:00 AM

Family Fresh Active+
A welcome innovation in men’s skin care!

 Just launched, Family Fresh Active+ is a completely new wash range specially developed for men’s skin care. Active+, a two-in-one product for skin and hair, is available in two varieties, Energising and Refreshing, both with a fresh fragrance packaged in a sleek and sporty design. A smart and practical solution for people on the go.

Today, it’s all about being more efficient, fitting in as much as possible, while looking for right level of comfort and convenience at the right price. In line with this, Family Fresh Active+, a multi-functional shower product, has been developed to meet the needs of the active man. With a soothing active formula and a smart packaging that is easy to take anywhere, Family Fresh Active+ is perfect for showering at home or after a workout at the gym.

Active+ Energising

An invigorating two-in-one shampoo and shower product with a scent of citrus, green leaves and cedar. Fresh lather with magnesium extract boosts and revitalizes the skin. The perfect combination of gentle cleansing and instant hydration for the entire body. Suitable for all skin types. Paraben free.

Active+ Refreshing

A refreshing two-in-one shampoo and shower product with the scent of mint and sandalwood. Fresh lather with mint extract refreshes, giving a wonderful cooling sensation. Gentle ingredients cleanse and hydrate, while giving the skin new energy and vitality. Suitable for all skin types. Paraban free.

Family Fresh Active+ is available at supermarkets and convenience stores at an indicative retail price of SEK 19.

For more information please contact:

 Sara Björklund, Cederroth AB, tel: +46 8-590 963 00, e-mail: