Cederroth sues Hela PharmaCederroth sues Hela Pharma3/28/2011 2:28:00 PM

Cederroth Sues Bringwell Subsidiary for SEK 30 million


The Court of Appeal’s ruling of 2010 concerning a trademark infringement dispute between Hela Pharma AB (Bringwell) and Cederroth recently became legally binding as the Supreme Court decided not to grant Hela Pharma review dispensation.

Based on this ruling, Cederroth has today sued Hela Pharma for damages at the Skaraborg District Court. The claim for damages, concerning loss of revenue during the years 2006-2010, amounts to SEK 30 million. Further claims concerning the period after 2010 will be submitted later.

The reason for this dispute is the launch of Cederroth’s liquid food supplement under the trademark Multitotal in 2006. Bringwell’s subsidiary Hela Pharma, that sells a similar product under the brand Mivitotal, sued Cederroth for trademark infringement, and also requested an interim sales injunction for Multitotal. In the beginning of 2006 Attunda’s District Court granted an interim injunction, which remained in force until February 2010 when the Court of Appeal overruled the District Court’s decision and also in other aspects ruled in Cederroth’s favor. The Supreme Court’s ruling means a strict liability for Hela Pharma, and now it only remains to determine the extent of the damage Cederroth has suffered due to the earlier incorrectly imposed interim sales injunction

Hela Pharma is a wholly owned subsidiary to Bringwell AB, which is listed on Nasdaq OMX First North.

For further information, please contact Cederroth’s president, Leif Wahlgren, telephone +46 8590 96 300.